Neither doors, nor locks contain-
the secrets of my stanzas, remain
Infinite wisdom from eyes that see,
through unhindered prose

Gaping arms of the sea, draws nigh
water's creatures, in ascension,
 upward towards the moonlit sky

Wind and rain, drench the minds,
of poetic fools and writers sublime
With our inked swords, we divide,
fact from fiction, til' end of time

Autumn's Song

With Autumn brings a bite to the air,
when my family and I will go to the fair!
Cotton candy, candy apples,
gives our taste buds, something to grapple
Halloween will also bring,
frightful tales of ghosts and creeping things

A warm mug
My black cat on his rug
A movie or good book
Red and gold leaves upon the stoop

All these things bring out the child within;
creepy stories, to make me grin-
hayrides, to take me for a spin

Then at the end of the day,
where my head, I'll lay,
upon a restful bed;
with dreams of autumn, dancing in my head

Must Read Books!

Yep, I'm tooting my own horn. I was looking back through a couple of my poetry books and thought, "Wow, this is genius!" Lol... So, here ya go. Take a look at these babies and maybe buy them?

Letters Upon the Wind (written under my former pen name)


Messages From My Ancestors (written under my real name)


My sisters from long ago -
the poets of old,
who began the ideas on societal woes
Brutally honest and courageous,
they inked their prose,
on parchment, soaked in their tears
Forgotten, but not by me;
still, you are being taught in some specialites
We'll carry the torch forward
and keep the embers burning bright -
a light, among the darkest of nights

Too Much

When the world becomes too much,
and the sea of humanity tries to drown my soul,
I swim for the shore of poetry
I plunge my mind into my creativity:
My violin, my writing, my cat, my hubby
We curl up with a cozy mug – my cat on his favorite rug
and we encourage one another on this ride called, Life


Oh, the mistakes I've made,
putting stock in a trade
and worrying over the trivialities of life
How I wish I'd known, to hold dear,
those raindrops - nature's tears

Now, I wander through notes and rhythms;
rhymes on pages full of philosophical dreams
I spend my days, thinking upon,
the end of all things - the eternal sleep

In the finale, none of it matters,
so I'll take each day as it comes,
and ignore all the chatter from empty forum splatter
The vomit of ignorance, does not ring true;
all that matters is in front of my eyes,
not things I've accrued (which isn't saying much)

No, I'll take each day in stride,
and concentrate on what's ahead instead of behind;
the great equalizer gives and takes,
and I'll meet him one day, realizing to never put stock,
in the inaneness of this life

First Love

That ton of bricks feeling,
hit out of nowhere
Inspiration burned through me,
like the noonday sun's heat

Happened, in a moment,
unbeknownst to this novice -
just trying out some prose, when whoa!
What was that? I loved the rhyme;
it's rhythm was like a song stuck in my mind

My first love, never let me go
I'll just go with the flow, until the river runs dry

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