Spring Too Soon

I speak of spring, too soon,
where lily pads float frogs
upon serene waters- ripples,
form treacherous seas for their imagination

I speak of spring, too soon,
with delicate sun, and cherry groves
that harbinger sweet perfumes
traveling on delicate breezes

I speak of spring, just in time,
because its memory is sublime
to this frustrated mind;
a welcome peace from the isolating chill

First Love

That ton of bricks feeling,
hit out of nowhere
Inspiration burned through me,
like the noonday sun's heat

Happened, in a moment,
unbeknownst to this novice -
just trying out some prose, when whoa!
What was that? I loved the rhyme;
it's rhythm was like a song stuck in my mind

My first love, never let me go
I'll just go with the flow, until the river runs dry

Published at The Poet Community

Heart-Shaped Chewing Gum

Perfectly formed and pressed, like an ironed shirt,
the heated concrete its iron
Heart-shaped goo, molded, as from a child's play-doh toy
One lone sneaker imprint, stamped within -
the mark of someone's inattentiveness,
nonetheless, it's handiwork, proudly displayed;
shaped into a symbol of hope, for all the world to see,
though none seemed to recognize, but me

Falling through a Dream

Free falling, in undulating fashion,
the dream, built a world of fantasy,
for me to savor

Emerald-stoned buildings, spoke of Hobbits,
and Wizards; places I longed to visit -
peaceful settings and adventures awaiting,
my feet to discover

Jutting mountains, with peaks like spears,
beckoned me to climb, their daggered surfaces;
snow-capped summits, looked down at the green,
as I fell - down, down, down towards the serene,
that cradled me in it's pom pom blades

I fell through a dream today,
free falling as gravity sucked me in,
towards the dream's rim; I could never go forward,
for the dream always beckoned me to return home


The newness of things is a wonderful notion;
fresh rain - it's pitter patter,
is a soothing balm for a weary soul
The bitterness of winter,
brings behind it, new blooms,
bursting in colors that reflect the rainbow

The new year also brings a fresh start -
the outlook on life - a creative flow,
that rejuvenates the mind and brings with it,
a new skill to enliven the senses -
that's what I'm seeking, this New Year

Music in the Soul

Music in the soul, never dies
it's an unquenchable fire -
the sword that is ever unsheathed,
against the foes of life

Music in the soul, never fades
it's an unyielding flame -
a passion that feeds the mind,
and never tires, nor leaves us behind,
to suffer the 'slings and arrows' of misfortune and shame

Let Us

Let us sit and speak,
plainly, of life and love;
soak in the sunlight,
as it descends in a sunset of fire,
that sets the canopy ablaze, like an inferno

Let us breathe in the sweet breath,
of nature's kisses, blown across our cheeks,
that heave of crimson blusters

Let us walk, hand in hand,
and vow an eternity,
by the stars and their celestial dust,
to remain steadfast in peace,
never to audit our love into demands